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Seminář o dnešní evropské migraci


NGO Kreisau-Initiative Berlin is organizing a seminar on migration issues

Europe and Migration

Through Dialogue to Understanding
Different Experience of Migration in Eastern and Western Europe

3rd - 9th December 2010
International Youth Meeting Centre in Krzyzowa (Poland)

people at the age between 19 and 29
from Poland, Germany, Georgia, Moldova,
Romania, France, Portugal, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Participants’ fee: 30 euro – non-EU member states, 50 euro – EU member

The project

40 young people from Eastern and Western European Countries meet
together in order to discuss the meaning of migration for the life of
their countries, communities and themselves. The main question is how
the vast migration movements in the late 20th and early 21st century
have influenced the societies of both Western and Eastern Europe. In
what sense is migration seen as a positive phenomenon? How do both
hosting and sending societies use the potential of migration? What are
its negative effects on societies and what are the means of dealing with
them? How will migration develop in the near future?
The project consists of three main steps:
*Step 1* Starting point is a biographical element: Ahead of the project
the participants prepare short essays on the following topic: Migration
– a problem or a chance for future Europe. What is your personal opinion
based on your experience? The essays will create a basis for further

*Step 2* Through theoretical input, study visits and discussions during
the meeting participants discover various perspectives of migration. The
programme of the meeting on the one hand comprises of lectures given by
experts on migration, study visits and meetings with migrants and on the
other hand of presentations and discussions of the participants
themselves. Topics to be discussed in detail are:
· Eastern and Western Europe and its different perspectives on

· Why do people migrate? – Problems of emigration in Eastern Europe
and ways of dealing with them.
· Problems of immigration in Western Europe and ways of dealing
with them.
· Possible means of fostering dialogue and understanding
This part sets a ground for *Step 3*, during which - having analysed the
complexity of migration in contemporary Europe, motivation of migrants,
social processes resulting from migration – in working groups
participants develop micro-projects stimulating sensitivity to migration
issues in their local communities.
Three most applicable micro-projects will get organizational support
from the project coordinator and its partners.

Deadline for applications: 25th October 2010
To apply please send the following:

1. filled in and signed application form
2. CV
3. personal essay of about 1200 words on "How I see migration"

Please apply via e-mail, air mail or fax till 25th October 2010:
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