28.06.2010 22:06

Vzdělání a znalost pro udržitelný rozvoj

Education for Sustainability

A three-day International Event on Greening Education will be held from

27 th to 29 th of October 2010 in the "green" city of Karlsruhe, Germany.

This event will take academia, education and environmental policy makers, senior members of academic institutions, teachers, representatives of government and non-governmental organisations and international development agencies, and sustainable development professionals through the need for greening education and then discuss effective initiatives that can be taken to translate “education for sustainability” in to actions.

Further to the knowledge sharing on greening education including topics such as ecologizing curriculum (incorporating sustainability), greening of courses and creating low carbon education institutions; the upcoming event also provides an excellent networking opportunity with academia, international agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, sustainable development practitioners and other stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

An excursion (optional) on Saturday the 30th of October, 2010 is planned which will also provide an additional and informal networking opportunity.

You are cordially invited to attend this international event and/ or nominate the member(s) of your institution.

For further information, please see the event details.








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