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Osudy a možnosti Evropy v krizi a po ní

JMCE Research Student Workshop Call for Papers

"Rethinking Europe after the Crisis"

See also here https://www.kcl.ac.uk/projects/jmce/workshop.html

Date: 8 October 2010
Place: London, King's College

As we approach the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the
European project continues to show its  age-old problems – and a new powerful vector of instability. While the tormented path of the European Constitution, as amended by the Lisbon Treaty, has made palpable the gravity of the democratic deficit and has
compounded the  obstacles in agreeing to common foreign and economic policies and in
coordinating the response to external events, the shock-waves of the
global economic crisis have for the first time threatened the stability
of the Euro and prompted speculation of defaults, exit strategies and a two-speed

How can we assess the various dimensions of the crisis (political,
social, economical, institutional...) and its impact on the future
trajectories of the EU and of the European member states?

Does it require us to reconsider the tools and methodologies of the different disciplines and to develop new analyses and approaches?

Workshop theme

The workshop aims to explore the
following topics:

· new developments in the law and governance of the EU and member states;
· national or comparative assessments of the impact of the coming
austerity measures on
class, gender, racial, generational and other divides;
· social and political mobilisation between apathy, mass anti-cuts
struggles and the
rise of far right movements;
· theorising the role of the national state after the rescue of the
banking system;
· the debate over Euro and over a common European economic government;
· the relationship between the European core and the Southern and
Eastern European
peripheries: uneven development, structural imbalances and political
· rethinking the European disciplines: critical evaluations,
interdisciplinary dialogue and
new approaches;
· rethinking the EU as a multilayered/interdisciplinary scientific object

We are also happy to consider papers on different but related topics.

Call for papers

Postgraduate researchers from
across the EU and all the social science disciplines (especially public
policy, law, European studies, political science, international relations and
economics) are invited to submit paper proposals outlining their original
research contributions to be presented at the workshop, and for
discussion of key issues in a closing round-table debate.

The day-long interdisciplinary workshop is organised by PhD students
with the aim of providing an opportunity to showcase the work of leading postgraduate
researchers on the future of Europe in the light of the most recent
developments. Limited travel bursaries may be available to help speakers
with travel expenses: please e-mail Paolo Chiocchetti
(paolo.chiocchetti@kcl.ac.uk) for
application details.

Submission of abstracts

If you would like to submit a
paper to the workshop for consideration please e-mail us your proposal,
including the title, author, abstract (no more than 250 words) and
institutional affiliation by 30 August 2010. Please send your proposal
any query to Paolo Chiocchetti (paolo.chiocchetti@kcl.ac.uk)
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