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Britské, americké a světové dějiny 20. století


World War I

Origins of WWI - 1,Origins of WWI - 2

Secrets of WW1-1,Secrets of WW1-2,Secrets of WW1-3,Secrets of WW1-4,Secrets of WW1-5

WWI - 1914-1918-Map

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1933 Inauguration Speech,Pearl Harbor Speech,D-Day Speech

Winston Churchill

We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches,Speech at Fulton,Now We are Masters of Our Fate, Great Declaration - 1941,

H.S. Truman

1945 Inaugural Address, Truman´s Ultimatum,

Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Marshall Plan-2,

1949 Inaugural Address

Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower on Military Industrial Complex, Domino Theory,

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Nixon – Kennedy Debate 1960 , JFK 1960 Political Ad

Kennedy´s Moon Speech , Secret Society Speech

Presidential Address on Cuba, I Am a Berliner , We Choose to Go to Moon

Jacqueline Kennedy in teh White House-1, Jacqueline Kennedy in teh White House-2

Jacqueline Kennedy vs. Marylin Monroe-1, Jacqueline Kennedy vs. Marylin Monroe-2

Martin Luther King

I Have a Dream… , Why I Am Opposed to War in Vietnam, MLK Anti-War Speech

Alex Therrien:  A Time to Break Silence

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Johnson on Foreign Policy in Asia,Lyndon Johnson on Voting Rights

Richard Nixon

Nixon on Khruschev, Nixon and Khruschev in USSR,

Nixon - Khruschev Kitchen Debate, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

David Frost – Debates

Frost Over The World - Kissinger,Frost Over The World - Brzezinski 

David Frost on Nixon and Journalism

Margaret Thatcher

Economic Policies of Margaret Thatcher,

M. Thatcher in BBC Panorama , Margaret Tchatcher´s Election,

Tchatcher - Reagan Relationship,

Ronald Wilson Reagan

Reagan´s 1981 Inaugural Address, The Humor of Ronald Reagan,

Reagan Tells Soviet Jokes, R. Reagan and M. Tchatcher

Special Relationship, UK/US Special Relationship,

Ronald Reagan´s Farewell Address,

Evil Empire Speech, Branderburg Gate Speech,

Time for Choosing, R.Reagan - J.Carter Presidential Debate ,

R. Reagan - W.Mondale Presidential Debate, Tribute to Reagan

R. Reagan in British Parliament - 1, R. Reagan on Real Freedom Fighters, R. Reagan on SDI,

Famous Speeches, On Socialism, On Socialized Medicine

 George Herbert Walker Bush, sr.

1989 Inaugural Address, New Order Speech, Reasons of the First Gulf War,

William Jefferson Clinton

William J. Clinton - Inaugural Address,

Georgetown University Speech, Harvard University Speech,

Bill Clinton - CV1, Bill Clinton - CV2, Clinton-Bush-Perot Debate

Europe- General Issues

Europe 1519-2006, WWI - 1914-1918-Map,WW2 - 1939-1945-Map

The EU and US Relations,Council of Europe, History of Islam in Europe

World in WWII

World at War- Banzai(Japan 1931-42)-1,World at War- Banzai(Japan 1931-42)-2,

World at War- Banzai(Japan 1931-42)-3

World at War - Japan-1,World at War - Japan-2,World at War - Japan-3,

World at War - Japan-4,World at War - Japan-5,World at War - Japan-6

Barbarossa-1,Barbarossa-2,Barbarossa-3, Barbarossa-4,Barbarossa-5,Barbarossa-6,

Moscow Red Army Parade 1941 - Holy War Song, WWII- Asia and the Pacific

the Cold War

Truman Warns Japs, BBC: Truman´s Ultimatum, Hiroshima-1, Hiroshima-2 , Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki, Yalta,

Winston Churchill on Iron Curtain, Truman Doctrine-1, Truman Doctrine-2,

Marshall PlanMarshall Plan in Short,

What Was European Marshall Plan?-1, What Was European Marshall Plan?-2,

Czechoslovakia and Marshall Plan, Europe in Ruins and Marshall Plan,

Berlin Blocade, Berlin Airlift, CIA after the WWII

The Cold War-1, The Cold War-2/1, The Cold War-2/2, The Cold War-3,

The Cold War-4/1, The Cold War-4/2, The Cold War-5/1, The Cold War-5/2,

The Cold War-6, The Cold War-7,The Cold War-8, The Cold War-9,

The Cold War-10/1, The Cold War-10/2, The Cold War-11

Korean War - I,Korean War - II

Korean War -1,Korean War -2,Korean War -3,Korean War -4,Korean War -5,Korean War -6,

Korean War -7,Korean War -8,Korean War -9,Korean War -10,Korean War -11,Korean War -12,

Korean War -13,Korean War -14,Korean War -15, Korean War-Map

The Origins of Izrael, Suez Crisis,The Other Side of Suez - 1,

The Other Side of Suez -2,The Other Side of Suez -3

Cuban Crisis-1,Cuban Crisis-2,Cuban Crisis-3,

Cuban Crisis-4,Cuban Crisis-5,Cuban Crisis-6,

Cuban Missile Crisis - An Overwiev, McNamara on Cuban Crisis,

Cuban Crisis, The Bay of Pigs

Vietnam War, Agent Orange in Vietnam,

Battle of La Drang,The Fall of Saigon

R.McNamara on the Press and Vietnam,

Vietnam War - Real Story, Vietnam War - Impact of Media

Iraq Wars

Iraq War Motives, Bush Announcing Invasion of Iraq,

War Veterans on Iraq War, CNN Coverage - Shock and Awe

Iraq Media War, Iraq in Media Influence,Johny Cash on Iraq War, The CIA Secrets - Iraq

The Whole Truth of Iraq War-1, The Whole Truth of Iraq War-2

George W.Bush, jr.

White House Tour , G.W. Bush in UN General Assembly, , Bush and Putin on Missile Defence,

G.W.Bush and B. Obama in White House


Dokumentární firmy Adama Curtise pro BBC/

BBC History Documentaries by Adam Curtis:  

The Power of Nightmares - 1/1, The Power of Nightmares - 1/2, The Power of Nightmares -1/3,

The Power of Nightmares - 1/4, The Power of Nightmares - 1/5, The Power of Nightmares - 1/6,

The Power of Nightmares - 2/1, The Power of Nightmares - 2/2, The Power of Nightmares - 2/3,

The Power of Nightmares - 2/4, The Power of Nightmares - 2/5, The Power of Nightmares - 2/6,

The Power of Nightmares - 3/1, The Power of Nightmares - 3/2, The Power of Nightmares - 3/3,

The Power of Nightmares - 3/4, The Power of Nightmares - 3/5, The Power of Nightmares - 3/6

The Trap-1, The Trap-2, The Trap-3, The Trap-4, The Trap-5, The Trap-6

The Century of Selfhappines Machines -1,

How Propaganda Become Known as PR-1, How Propaganda Become Known as PR - 2

Edward Bernay - the Ultimate Propagandist, Edward Bernay and the Art of Public Manipulation,

Bernay: Making Money by Manipulation, Bernay on Propaganda and PR

The Rise and Fall of the TV Journalist, How Propaganda Become PR


Současné problémy / Contemporary Issues

Barack Hussein Obama

1st Presidential Debate, 2nd Presidential Debate, 3rd Presidential Debate

President -Elect Obama in Chicago,Yes We Can Speech,

A More Perfect Union Speech, On Iraq and National Security

2009 Inaugural Address, Obama´s White House Welcome,

Obama´s Response to Bush´s State of Union Address

Obama´s Prague Speech in 2009,

Obama on Politics of Fear,

Democratic Debate on Immigration 2007


Současné ruské politické dějiny a události


Putin´s Russia,V. Putin´s Road to Power, Putin´s Media War 

V. Putin on NATO Expansion,V. Putin: The U.S. Infected World,

Putin´s Comparison with Cuban Crisis

Putin: We Can Protect Our Economy,

V. Putin´s Answers Qestions at Davos,Putin´s Answers to Time

Igor Yurgens on Russian Policy

Igor Panarin: The U.S. Will Split,

Igor Panarin: The U.S. Will Split to 6 Pieces

Stalin Nostalgia,Drinking Away the Pain,

Nashi: Putin´s Enthusiasts, Life in the Freezer,

Europe´s Missile Shield,

Threats Around Crimea - Russia,

Medvedev on Georgia,

 Should We Be Scared of Russia - 1Should We Be Scared of Russia - 2

 Should We Be Scared of Russia - 3Russia - Georgia War,

RG War in Western Media, History of R-G Relations,

Oleg Gazmanov - Born in the USSR,

Europe´s Energy Reliance on Russia,

Sergei Ivanov: Where is Russia Heading,

Putin´s Election, Russia´s Democracy from Western Point of View,


Dějiny Ruska ve 20. století ve filmu

Nicholas II - coronation, God - Save the TsarTsar Nicholas II,

Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov Family, Nicholas II - The Last Tsar of Russia,

Nicholas II (1868-1918), Nicholas II Declares War on Germany

Lenin - Revolutionary - 1, Lenin - Revolutionary - 2, Lenin - Revolutionary - 3, Lenin - Rev. - 4

Russian Revolution - 1,Russian Revolution - 2,Russian Revolution - 3,

Red Army Song, We Are the Red Cavalry Song,

The Battle Is Going Again - Propaganda Ad

 Ch. Hitchhens and R. Service on Lenin,

Lenin on Government,Stalin´s Sp. on Nov. 7nd, 1941

The Soviet Story - Part One,The Soviet Story - Part Two,The Soviet Story - Cont.

Stalin´s Secret Police-1,Stalin´s Secret Police-2, Stalin´s Secret Police-3,

Stalin´s Secret Police-4,Stalin´s Secret Police -5, Stalin´s Speech 1937

Joseph Stalin: Real History - 1,Joseph Stalin: Real History - 2,Joseph Stalin: Real History -3

Joseph Stalin: Real History -4,Joseph Stalin: Real History -5

The Most Evil Man in History: Stalin -1,The Most Evil Man in History: Stalin -2,

The Most Evil Man in History: Stalin -3,Katyn Forest Massacre,

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, MRP and Other Pacts, MRP in History, Hitler - Stalin: MRP,

Moscow 1941 - 1,Moscow 1941 - 2,Moscow 1941 - 3,

Moscow 1941 - 4,Moscow 1941 - 5,Moscow 1941 - 6

Holy War, March of Moscow Defenders, The Guard Song, 1941Moscow Parade

The Origins of ROA, Gen. Vlasov and ROA, Vlasov´s Letter

Gen. Vlasov´s Address, ROA Anthem,

Stalingrad - Lost Evidence - 1,Stalingrad - Lost Evidence - 2,Stalingrad - Lost Evidence - 3,

Stalingrad - Lost Evidence - 4,Stalingrad - Lost Evidence - 5, Stalin´s Funeral,



Red Star-1,Red Star-2,Red Star-3,Red Star-4,

Red Star-5, Stalin to Red Army Officers,

War Propaganda - What Hitler Wants, A Lesson not Learned, Fascist Barbarians,

Cold War: After Stalin (1953 - 56) - 1,Cold War: After Stalin (1953 - 56) - 2,

Cold War: After Stalin (1953 - 56) - 3,

Cold War: After Stalin (1953 - 56) - 4,Cold War: After Stalin (1953 - 56) - 5

The Soviet Afghan War-1,The Soviet Afghan War-2,The Soviet Afghan War-3,

The Soviet Afghan War-4,The Soviet Afghan War-5, The Soviet Withdrawal

Khrushchev on Personality Cult - 1,Khrushchev on Personality Cult - 2,

The Other Brezhnev, In the Shadow of Chernobyl, Leaders of the USSR

L.I. Brezhnev - 1978,M. S.Gorbachev - 1989,B. N. Yeltsin - 1999

Gorbachev - Perestroika, Gorbachev in Parliament,

Wind of Change, M.S. Gorbachev: Perestroika and Glasnost

The Losing Soviet Control over Eastern Europe- 1,

The Losing Soviet Control over Eastern Europe- 2,

The Outsiders - EE

The Collapse of the USSR, The Soviet Collapse,

The Last Days of USSR, Moscow Coup - 1991,

Yeltsin´s New Year Address, The Last Speech of Boris Yeltsin,

The Collapse of Comunism,

The Collapse of Soviet Empire -1, The Collapse of Soviet Empire - 2a,

The Collapse of Soviet Empire - 2b,

The Collapse of Soviet Empire -3, The Collapse of Soviet Epire - 4,

The Collapse of Soviet Empire - 5,

Gorbachev on Putin and the SU, Putin and Medvedev - Post Election Rally,

Takogo Kak Putin,

Medvedev: We Are not Afraid of Cold War,

Medvedev´s Videoblog1, Medvedev´s Videoblog2, Medvedev´s Videoblog3


Imperial Russian Anthem,

God Save The Tsar - Zhanna Bichevskaya, The Martyrs - Zh. Bichevskaya

The Soviet Anthem, Russian Anthem, Russian Fed. Anthem






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